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DPDE Enrollment


Q & A

 When & Where does DPDE Rehearse? 

Catonsville, MD

Tuesdays 7:30pm - 9:15pm

Additional Rehearsals are added close to the Final Worship Concert.


How much is the registration fee? What does the registration include?

The Registration Fee is $175 (Initial Registration Payment Plans Available.)


Registration Processing Fee 

 Divine T-Shirt

1  Concert Ticket

First Month Tuition Dues


What is the monthly tuition fee to be a part of Divine?

Monthly Tuition Fees are $55 per month. This fee is due the 8th of every month.


Is there a tuition late fee if I cannot make my payment on time? 

There is a $10 late fee for all late payments.


What would my first initial payment be? 

Your first initial payment is $175.

The $175 includes your 1st month tuition & registration fees package. (Please see above)


Are garments provided by DPDE or am I responsible for garment fees? 

Dancers are 100% responsible for all garments / equipment needed for ministry engagements unless stated otherwise.


 Is there a  uniform required for rehearsal?

Uniform: All Dancers are required to wear an official DPDE T-shirt & plain black bottoms for rehearsals.

Hair: Must be pulled back off of the face


Does DPDE travel out of state?

Yes DPDE does accept out of state engagements, workshops, classes & more. 


How many concerts does DPDE host per year?

DPDE hosts one Annual Concert in May each year along with cinematic visuals in our program. 


Is there any more information I should know? 

All other information is provided in all documents received after registration. 

(waivers, etc.)

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