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DPDE Enrollment

Q & A

 When & Where does DPDE Rehearse? 

Tuesday Evenings in Catonsville, MD

Additional Rehearsals are added close to the Final Worship Concert.


How much is the registration fee? What does the registration include?

The Registration Fee is $175 (Initial Registration Payment Plans Available.)


Registration Processing Fee 

 Divine T-Shirt

1  Concert Ticket

First Month Tuition Dues


What is the monthly tuition fee to be a part of Divine?

Monthly Tuition Fees are $55 per month. This fee is due the 8th of every month.


Is there a tuition late fee if I cannot make my payment on time? 

There is a $10 late fee for all late payments.


What would my first initial payment be? 

Your first initial payment is $175.

The $175 includes your 1st month tuition & registration fees package. (Please see above)


Are garments provided by DPDE or am I responsible for garment fees? 

Dancers are 100% responsible for all garments / equipment needed for ministry engagements unless stated otherwise.


 Is there a  uniform required for rehearsal?

Uniform: All Dancers are required to wear an official DPDE T-shirt & plain black bottoms for rehearsals.

Hair: Must be pulled back off of the face


Does DPDE travel out of state?

Yes DPDE does accept out of state engagements, workshops, classes & more. 


How many concerts does DPDE host per year?

DPDE hosts one Annual Concert in May each year along with cinematic visuals in our program. 


Is there any more information I should know? 

All other information is provided in all documents received after registration. 

(waivers, etc.)

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